It's the Little Things that Change the World (2 books)
Paperback Edition
It's the Little Things that Change the World is a series of journals to help you organize your wonderful life and discover ways you can make a positive difference every day.

As a person with ADD, I have been using lists, journals and collaging for years. Making a list (even when I lose it) makes me more aware of what needs to be done. Having all of the locations of your favorite Thrift Stores in one place will definitely help when you need that blouse for an interview in five minutes because you forgot to put to top on the coffee cup on the way to said interview. Sometimes you just want a place to put the pictures of your amazing finds, there is a page for that. And of course, you may be buying items to sell and our pages with a place to note the details of your purchases will make it so much easier to organize your sales online or offline!
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